I Wanted to Be An Economist: A Sad Story

by salmanaslampr

Hello WordPress World!  When I was in school I wanted to be a doctor, when I went to college I did not know where I wanted to see myself in future. But when I started graduation along with a professional Accounting Certificate Chartered Accountancy I set the wanna be position to some extent but it was not very clear to me. During my professional studies i felt suddenly that is not your passion you should belong to some other profession. In my opinion that was the greatest mistake i ever did in my student life. From there I thought that i can be an economist so I wanted to be an economist the impulse began from CA’s module B where i studied Economics the teacher of Economics subject whose name was Ghulam Ali became my influence and from there I sorted out the wanna be position that is to be an economics teacher, but I was wrong because I could not teach economics to the students who have no or very little knowledge of the subject.


From now on I destroyed the career which was never begun. That is I wasted time a lot in that dilemma. If that thought of being an economist never comes to my mind I would have never diverted from my path to become CA. Now I regret sometimes that If  I never did this I would have started my job career in CA market.