Were Nazis the only villain in the Inglorious Basterds?

by salmanaslampr

Inglorious Basterds

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I have been thinking a question, after watching Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, that is why Nazis are the villain in almost every Hollywood feature film that is about World War 2. I found out that it’s not just the only movie that sympathizes with world war 2 victims especially and exclusively the ‘Jews’. I could not understand that why Hollywood empathize with only Jews as a victims ignoring other classes of the victims. I guess that it may be part of propaganda films that started since the start of the WW2. I am not an advocate of Nazism nor an appreciator of Hitler’s philosophy but I think that movies on WW2 should be based on true events and present the both sides of the picture.

I will talk about the movie that showed Nazis as an inevitable villain under any circumstances whether based on the fact or fiction.

Basterds’ actions were equal as of the Nazis

This film doesn’t need any introduction as it was the best film ever made on Nazis. The film has won multiple Oscar awards due to extraordinary screenplay that deals with more fictitious events and fantasized the events that took place supposedly in German occupied France. The film beautifully deals with conflicts and showed amazing encounters in the movie plot. It focused mainly on the evils and heinous crimes of Nazis in France. The movie beautifully showed foreign militant army in France The Basterds – so what did that movie tried to fantasized is the evil side of the Nazis with the equal monstrous side of the Basterds. The positive side is that there had to be someone who must had to rise against the heinous crimes of the Nazism in all over Europe.

Bear Jew

Fantasy of killing Hitler

The movie showed the most violent acts of the Basterds that is scalping of the dead Nazi Soldiers among various other atrocities of the Basterds towards the Nazis. What I did not understand is that if only this movie was supposed to picture Nazis as the monsters then why did that movie showed the equal monstrous side of the Basterds? What is left of the Basterds to justify them as the helpers of the innocent French Jews?

The other extraordinary fantasy the movie dealt was the killing of the Fuehrer of the Nazis The Hitler by the hands of the Basterds which looked so interesting to watch as they did not plan to kill the Hitler that way. The entire Nazi high command officials were killed by the Basterds with the coinciding support from a French Jewish girl whose whole family were killed by the men of the SS commander colonel Hans Landa.

Hitler Killing Fantasy

SS Colonel Hans Landa The Jew Hunter

The SS Colonel Hans Landa were famous among the Basterds as The Jew Hunter however he was not on the hit list of the Basterds or the Basterds did not seem to look interested in killing the Jew Hunter as they might be the fan of his Jewish detective skills and his ability to think like a Jew, that might have earned him the respect of the Basterds. Anyway Hans Landa portrayal by Christoph Waltz was fabulous and fun to watch. His actions were not violent and he acted as a neutral or the guy that was paid to do his job and nothing else. I think that the movie showed mostly the violent side of the basterds as compared to the Nazis so the question is it fair to portray only Nazis as the inhumane creatures or we do not know the meaning of humanity?

SS Colonel Hans Landa

Operation KINO

Operation KINO was a fictional indirect joint military covert operation lead by the British army Lt. Archie Hicox and the Basterds’ Lt. Aldo Raine. However we saw that the operation was sabotaged by the SS Major Dieter Hellstrom at rendezvous of the Basterds in a bar in a remote area of Nadine. But there we saw the major violence on both sides started by Nazi Major Hellstrom due to refusal of Hicox over German beer Scotch and then gun fighting ensued resulting in the death of all the Basterds members except German actress Bridget von Hammersmark who survived the gun shot. The whole situation raised a question in our minds that was it reasonable for a Nazi Major to point his gun on other officer’s testicles on account of refusal to a Scotch drink? I guess that it is implied that how barbarians and intolerant Nazis were to their third Reich and German values and customs.

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